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saudi prince defects. just abuse. the wrong doings of the ruling elite. we talk to him exclusively. at the seams with political prisoners saudi arabia is eagerly promoting tolerance of a broad muted international condemnation towards its tactics. also to boycott or not gay rights activists split on whether the winter olympics should be the target of protests against russia's new lauren homosexuality propaganda. staunchest allies and nuclear rivals top the global supply list and it's not about
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terrorism rather foreign policy and economic espionage dominating the agenda. thank you for sharing some of your sunday with us because we monday i should say with us here. live in moscow let's get to you a busy program for this monday evening now mind what you say otherwise you could end up languishing in jail at best that's apparently the message the saudi authorities are sending to their nationals the country's prisons are packed with the regime activists number by some estimates are now more than thirty thousand and the crackdown has exposed a chasm within the ruling family as well. spoke exclusively to the saudi prince. who became a distant himself taking a stand against the monarchies methods. the government is obviously scared of the
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arab revolutions and they responded as they usually do by resorting to oppression violence arbitrary law and arrest but the easiest thing they can do is deprive you of your salary or fire you altogether that the ruling regime is not guarded by justice and this is especially true of the ministry of interior there is no independent judiciary that has both police and the prosecutor's office are countable to the interior ministry and the ministries officials investigate crimes they call them crimes related to freedom of speech so they fabricate evidence but don't allow people to have attorneys things like that happen all over the place they even put people under arrest for an indefinite amount of time even if a court rules to release such a criminal or the ministry of interior keeps him in prison even though there is a court order to release him there have even been killings killings and as for the
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external opposition saudi intelligence forces find these people abroad there is no safety inside or outside the country could you describe these people who oppose the royal family and what are their goals opposition used to demand water people's representation in governing bodies more rights and freedom but the authorities reacted with violence and persecution instead of a dialogue and now the opposition wants this regime gone but we both know that despite numerous human rights violations and so dear a b.s. your country seldom faces straight decision from the west and from the united states in particular when senior u.s. officials meet with their saudi counterparts basically can't be any critical comments from washington d.c. i mean riyadh what the white house certainly does maintain a longstanding alliance with the leaders of saudi arabia cemented by common interests in the middle east to that end there are classified contacts between area
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the. the u.s. administration in recent time they've been employed to step up the government administered reforms but those reforms are not driven by the elites desire to empower the people of the kingdom that the instead they are merely urged by reforms that the regime might call unless it reforms itself oppression is widespread in saudi arabia there is no free speech no freedom of expression corruption is rampant in all areas from the level bureaucrats to high ranking officials in every civil servant is very skillful in using bribes in their operations. and despite saudi arabia's firm drive to tighten the noose around the necks of political activists at home is still freely preaching liberal ideas and tolerance to others. and why exactly this political line is being widely labeled as hypocritical. as saudi arabia violently squashes the voice of any opposition we see it sitting front and center in discussions of the democratic transition of power within other countries such as syria on the one hand it reportedly ships arms to the opposition in syria
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on the other hand peaceful opposition in saudi arabia is answered with prison sentences torture even death for people whose voice their own opinion in fact in october two thousand and twelve amnesty international calls on the saudi authorities to stop using excessive force against pro-democracy protesters here are just a few examples from this year alone on june seventeenth meet cliff mari was convicted of sowing discord and other offenses through writings and exposure of human rights abuses he got five years in prison june twenty fourth seven men were convicted of inciting protest illegal gatherings and breaking allegiance with the king mostly by joining facebook pages and posting messages they each got between five and ten years in prison then we've got editor rafe badawi convicted of insulting islam and authorities through his website and during television interviews he was sentenced to seven years in prison and six hundred lashes in these conditions anyone with something substantial to say about the government society or religion would be
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blamed for keeping a low profile and this is where the man being called the saudi of songe comes in no one knows who he is what he looks like or where he lives his prolific tweets denouncing the ruling family as corrupt and enriching themselves from government coffers have earned him over a million followers he is known only as much to heat i spoke with him over google chat to find out why he stays in hiding because it's not for safety i asked him why you remains anonymous he said ironically and on anybody boost his credibility and courage of people to follow him and talk about his stories without worrying i asked if this meant that people could pay less attention to his biography and more attention to his message he pointed out the regime can destroy your credibility easily. and deter people from dealing with you if your identity is public. to heat is forced underground a new monarchie backed religious diversity center has launched its own charm offensive in vienna according to its mission statement it encourages dialogue among
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followers of different religions and cultures king abdullah has also announced a donation of one hundred million to set up a united nations center for fighting terrorism one of its four pillars is to prevent conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism and ensuring respect for human rights so while the kings clerics preach a hardline form of islam that often becomes a breeding ground for extremism saudi arabia is assuming a moral high ground in advising other nations in transitional democracy. well germany is facing an avalanche of criticism over its hefty arms deals with saudi arabia and other gulf nations who were caught exactly boast of having better human rights records than riyadh for example weapons exports to the gulf monarchies of almost tripled in just two years have a look right here twenty eleven of five hundred seventy million euros to almost a billion and a half in twenty twelve and the limo calls government has approved weapons exports
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of more than eight hundred million euros in the first half of this year suggesting that level will continue to grow another six countries in the region berlin sells weapons to a saudi arabia bahrain kuwait oman and the united arab emirates certainly several of which have seen government crackdowns on anti regime protesters since the arab spring and saudi arabia is the biggest buyer last year importing one point two four billion euros of military hardware activists also claim that german made small firearms i mean ition and military vehicles were commonly used by middle eastern and north african regimes to suppress peaceful demonstrations well adam a cuckold from human rights watch he believes that foreign players should drop their business interests and rather think twice before supplying gulf monarchies with this level of high tech weaponry. western countries in general should look at the widespread crackdown that's going on against human rights political and pro reform activists going on in the country when they make these deals they should
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these governments that have good relationships with the saudis should make it clear that what they're doing. is really goes against the pro reform agenda that king abdullah has been trumpeting since he came to power in two thousand and five what we've seen in the last at least i could say in two thousand and thirteen is an increasing crackdown we've seen many high profile convictions over the last few months women's rights activists are uni and was on the way there got ten months in prison for merely trying to assist a woman who was in distress who claimed that she was she was not being provided enough food to live and they they went to her house to try to help her and the police arrested her so we're seeing a widespread campaign against anyone who speaks out against the policies of the. current government and any activist who calls for human rights reforms and political reforms and i think that these western countries that have military
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relationships or other relationships with saudi arabia should make clear that this is unacceptable behavior. just turning right now ten minutes past the hour moscow time more leaked documents obtained from edward snowden earlier this year and shedding further light on america's global surveillance network the latest papers offering a teared list of washington's top targets for spying the water especially surprising is that the e.u. and america's allies ranks just behind the likes of china russia and iran. are all of our reports on the tears of espionage. of the latest information to come out about the n.s.a. spying scandal is being published in news magazine here in germany the. documents that were leaked by edward snowden and dated from april of this year now those documents outlining just the extent of how the united states was spying on e.u. countries now the twenty eight member states it says were looked at in terms of
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foreign policy international trade and economic stability apparently security related but those were the the areas in which the n.s.a. pursued the hardest now there was also spying taking place and information being gathered with regards to technology and energy as well now also revealed in these documents that have been put forward in news magazine show a breakdown of the countries which the n.s.a. targeted the most now they split into a couple of key is of importance now in the in the top to have countries like china russia iran pakistan and north korea but just underneath that you have countries like germany france and japan all nations that consider themselves allies and close allies of that of the united states now these revelations as they continue to come out from those huge bundles and bundles and bundles of information that edward snowden brought with him when he when he fled from the national security agency
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from the contractors that he was working with continued to turn up a treasure trove of information about just what was going on and these most recent documents seem to back up previous leaked documents that showed that the n.s.a. was spying on the e.u. e.u. offices both in brussels as well as around the world now when those when that information was released and beagle magazine a few months ago well that caused outrage across europe and we're seeing more of that now as these latest revelations come out that the e.u. was seen as a key target for spying by the united states. and i still to come here when our oldest continues a tragic pattern of bloodshed in iraq and if the death toll by the day worldwide can son of the country's future is growing while washington places a ten million dollars bounty on the al qaeda chief in iraq bring you expert opinion on that just a bit later in the program. plus doing away with the international monetary fund
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hungry pays back its huge debt ahead of show jewel hoping to be rid of the bankers meddling in its sovereign offense and much more often the. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations today.
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as the media leave us so we leave the baby. by the sea bush and secure the place your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that deserve answers from. politics only on our t.v. . it's nine fifteen pm on must be in moscow here this is r t thanks for joining us today to iraq now where al qaeda has claimed responsibility for saturday's massive string of bombings that battered iraq killing more than ninety in fact since the beginning of the month more than three hundred people in the country have died in the violence and a figure that's fast approaching the total for the entirety of august last year
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also this july was the deadliest since two thousand and eight with monthly with the monthly losses i should say on a level that just have not been seen in years a marketing go investigate of the consequences of the u.s. led military campaign in iraq and he thinks the war made the country fertile grounds for terrorists if ironic that the u.s. now is to chase al qaeda in iraq while before the war al-qaeda was almost totally absent from the country so i do think it says something about the details the military interventions brought about it says something about the fact that when you destroy a country obviously all kinds of terrorist groups armed groups will be free to act in any way they like let's be honest i mean there's no way just a bounty will solve the problem of terrorism in iraq terrorism is not for just the repression it's followed by giving basic services like giving health care through the rockies by giving a decent education system those things should be guaranteed to the destruction brought about by war has. totally destroyed any form of all the health care i mean
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at a decent level at least. this is r.t. there will be no discrimination of gay people attending the sochi winter olympics that's the official response of the russian interior ministry and to the ongoing pressure by rights activists in the west angered by a new law against homosexuality propaganda to minors artie's paul scott has more on moscow's reaction. ever since russia announced they were adopting this new law banning the propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors there were calls from prominent human rights activists to boycott all things russian from the vodka to the sochi winter olympics which are coming up in february next year now one of the most notable calls came from a project to stephen fry who writes a letter to the british prime minister david cameron and his young daughter the president of the i.o.c. calling not only for a boycott of the were winter olympics to be held in russia but also through parallels to the summer olympic games which are held in nazi germany and by lynn in
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one thousand nine hundred eighty six and through comparisons between them a pushing treatment of homosexuals in adult hitler that's drawing a stinging response a day from russia's human rights commissioner saying that it is a gross ignorance to compare the two to compare the holocaust to this new law he's also said that he's been surprised by the calls to boycott the olympics and said that he fears that there could be political undertones behind the calls rather than just human rights interest here's what he had to say coached in this to me. them during the ten years of my working as the human rights commissioner they've been very few complaints about the civil rights of these people being violated because so reason over the movie homosexuals in the last whenever such complaints were made we thoroughly investigated them sound of course being the commissioner in the run up to the games during the games and very importantly after the games i would always be reacting to such complaints based on the simple constitutional principle the same civil rights as anyone who is used just to have
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a political commentator adrian helton he believes that boycotting the olympics would achieve nothing except perhaps a harming both the athletes and the sporting fans. there's something the something irrational about it i mean on my way to the studio i passed bars as a band russian vodka i then drive around the corner and see the bolshoi are playing at the royal opera house and i i'm concerned that there's a certain disparity year people like stephen fry want to ban the olympics because the ban essential that will affect no one but the global sporting world and of course normal ordinary every day russian life and then on the other hand he says that he wants to rejoice in the way he felt in twenty two of last year in london made him feel proud to be british so he wants to deny that very thiele is those
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very feelings that exultation that glory to ordinary every day russians i just think it's irrational. so good to have you with us here on our t.v. today many more stories of course on our website including for this hour the man at the wheel the norwegian prime minister cappy uniform secretly find out whether people think he is a good leader but only proving though that he's a pretty bad driver. and india's naval behemoth of a country launches its first domestically designed and built aircraft carrier now joining the world's naval elite just two days after presenting its debut nuclear submarine that story and much more right now at r.t. dot com. in the meantime on the program here are tired of the international monetary fund's meddling the government has paid off its twenty billion euro debt far ahead of schedule lawmakers are now calling on the
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i.m.f. to pack up and leave. with the global financial body for years of what the government termed undue interference. in our reports on how hungary has managed to cut itself loose. and family can now enjoy picking a pram for their soon to be born child when the global recession reached the country they struggled to repay their mortgage but thanks to a government support program their flat now belongs to them and they've saved at least ten thousand euro in that time factor that in the end they're a critical situation the government is now quite strong. we are seeing there are not soft stats but look at hungary's economy of late and you'll be hard pressed to find much to be optimistic about the economy is now favoring better than during the recession but still most of the important development figures are in negative territory while inflation is even higher than in the crisis years the country's opposition firmly believes hungary would stagnate without
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a good reason that they should pay off the e.u. funds and this is very important ninety seven percent. of order new developments today finance from money however seeing what's happening in greece and spain budapest is not keen on grabbing the hands of the lenders and in this case it goes beyond merely the bravado rhetoric often voiced by the country's prime minister. thirty steps between the building of the national bank of hungary and the head office of the international monetary fund in budapest but that is as close as they get a letter from one building to another at the end of july said that hungary no longer required the services of the i.m.f. and that its employees must leave the country as soon as possible the country's deputy economics minister on any kind of open has still a t towards brussels the knowledge is that what the e.u. bureaucrats are offering this is not the past his message is we can handle it on
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our own but a greece that. according to g.d.p. after two hundred structuring and averaging is hundred sixty percent in hungary eighty percent the european average is know about eighty five per cent we are able to finance the public that on the market will have to introduce the reference which make the country more competitive and that is what we have done in the last couple of years and i think there are good basis to have an independent economic policy next year hungary will host parliamentary elections and some say the hardline stance with the e.u. may be part of a political campaign by the right wing leadership but analysts are not ruling out that should government be reelected the prime minister may take his standoff with brussels to a completely new level by initiating a referendum on leaving the european union altogether. auntie reporting from
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budapest in hungary. are to some other world headlines now starting with the egyptian army that has extended the detention of president morsi for yet another fifteen days says his supporters of bracing themselves for a major police operation the security forces bed down on them in response the demonstrators calling for more rallies gearing up to resist the police and morsy supporters have been holding their sit ins in two locations in the capital for more than a month. and thirteen more kurds have kidnapped excuse me been kidnapped by syrian rebels who then had them over to islamists jihadist groups are believed to be holding as many as many as two hundred fifty people and were allegedly behind a massacre of hundreds of kurdish women and children last week i think minority group are refusing to side with either president assad all the opposition owning them bloody retribution from extremists is now a message worth millions of dollars lost among the airwaves the u.s.
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has been trying to transmit its word of democracy to cuba for decades with little result even a special broadcast plane didn't help washington break through the signal jamming and you were nobody's listening america keeps the program alive ryan nature can reports. old habits die hard having spent decades unsuccessfully attempting to undermine the cuban government the u.s. keeps trying washington finds a t.v. channel and a radio station that specifically target a cuban audience with programming that features prominent cuban dissidents what you are doing and of who are to. and projects like toward democracy which the channel's website advertises as a how to guide for transitioning from dictatorship to democracy all done in the hopes that one day the communist leadership in cuba will fall how soon do you think that's going to. well i hope so i'm probably three years we need to work really
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hard maybe the martine media are working very hard but the cuban public remains largely unaware of their efforts which i do have a heard of radio most. know i know nothing about it. the marquee itself acknowledges the limited reach of its radio and t.v. programs we don't have any way to reach with the information on the people became a government jams the martys radio and t.v. signals to circumvent that the us has employed a variety of methods one of them errol marty a plane that had been flying over cuba to transmit us broadcasts the us broadcasting board of governors that oversees iraq marty has asked congress to discontinue the program two years in a row admitting it has been a failure it's hard to believe we're still wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on beaming a jam t.v. signal fewer than one percent of cubans can see from an airplane to the oil and i did time when u.s.
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lawmakers cut funding on social programs for a low workers at a time when we hear calls to defund u.s. public radio and television washington still spends millions of dollars every year on a media operation to overthrow the cuban government in washington i'm going to check out. and up next year well sports. a.
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wealthy british. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds of reports. hello welcome i'm kate partridge and this is the arty weekly sports show hof an
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hour of top sport from russia and all around the globe coming up let's start in the capital. lightning strikes olympic champion you saying bolt regains the one hundred meter world title as he overhauls justin gatlin to win gold on a rainy night here in moscow. while looking up fabio capello's russia target top spot in group best as they prepare for wednesday's trip to northern ireland in their latest world cup qualifier. and the sky's the limit one hundred two one russian daredevils joined together amid a two formations for another world record in the skies above moscow. but first athletics and after a spectacular fireworks display over the luzhniki stadium on to the start of moscow's maiden world championships it was you saying bolt who took center stage as the jamaican lived up to his nickname of the sprint king fighting off the rain to claim
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a blistering victory in the one hundred meters the heavens open just before the blue ribbon event despite lightning flashes filling the night sky all eyes were on the other bolt as the six time olympic champion powered past america's justin gatlin to regain his crown with the season's best time of nine point seven seven seconds after a full starting debut two years ago the twenty six year old was also off the new world record but he was still with a move. forward to better work to do if. it was. you know to the world it was their words win is always what i came here for and to remark that you do. while the host nation claims their first goal courtesy of luca alexander even though of after the twenty year old prevailed in the twenty kilometer event on double olympic champion mo farah out won the men's ten thousand meters to holding off title holder even to him a lot.


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